Aeon is a cross-platform science fiction, combining a video & text smartphone app, Aeon: Miracle, with immersive live theatre events that place the audience in the middle of the action.

Aeon: Join The Miracle premiered at Manchester Science Festival in October 2016. Its follow up, Aeon: Patient X will premiere at Manchester Science Festival 2017.

Sentinel: a sound and light performance features Aeon’s synth soundtrack with a specially designed light & video show that explores the near-future themes of climate change and migration that are prominent throughout the story. Sentinel comes to Manchester Science Festival in October 2017.




Annika Hollis | Geraldine Sharrock

Julius Bach | Paul Warriner

Nina Marrs | Wiebke Acton

Dari | Angela Costello

Oliver Trent | Danny Lawrence

Lana Hollis | Charlotte Dalton

Dr Rivca Reed | Emma Romy-Jones

Dr Clara Nevin | Evangeline Pickerill

Gordo Fleet | Kris Hitchen

Malachi Boyd | Dominic Myerscough


Writer / DirectorRichard Evans.

Producers | Cold Star Media & Ric Michael.

Directors of Photography | Jo & Christoph Shaw

Make up & prosthetics | Jenny Longworth

Editor | Abigail Maher

App Layout & Graphic Design | Rachel Dargavel-Leafe

Visual FX | Tempered Pixel

Supported by Arts Council England & the University of Manchester