Aeon: Live

Aeon expands from the app into an immersive live event that mixes science and science fiction.

A mystery virus is infecting the population. Time is running out. Half the city will die.

Can you work with scientists to save a young journalist? Aeon is an exciting, fast paced viral outbreak scenario which fuses real life science and drama at the state of the art Arcadia Life Sciences facility. Save the journalist or save yourselves – you must choose. Then meet real life scientists working on the front line of infectious diseases like Ebola, Zika, SARS and HIV, as specialists reveal what viruses are and how they’re analysed.

You’ll also hear about the ever-present threat posed by global pandemics, including how medical personnel work together to protect the public in the event of the outbreak of a fast-moving contagion.

Aeon: Live premiered at Manchester Science Festival 2016.